WeCP: AI-based Skill Assessment Platform for Data-driven Talent Acquisition

CIO Vendor Today’s businesses are increasingly deploying HR Tech solutions in order to decrease overhead costs by automating HR operations and gain competitive advantage by hiring the right kind of talent. However, implementation of HR technology is not just about automation of routine and monotonous tasks. Hence, HR departments are looking for solutions that can help them operate the HR as a datadriven business unit. This is where WeCP, a Bangalorebased company comes into the picture by offering a cutting-edge technology platform that helps to create, customize and conduct skill assessments, helping the HR departments in terms data-driven recruitment and talent acquisition.

WeCP provides skill assessment solutions to businesses across various industry verticals including Technology & IT Services, IT Staffing & Recruitment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and others for better talent acquisition. During COVID-19, we launched Virtual Walk-ins in our product which eliminates the dependency on physical walk-ins in hiring by digitally automating the entire walk-in process. Businesses can accomplish the complete functions such as getting candidate’s resume accepted, screening the candidates on certain skills, and getting candidates interviewed online remotely in a virtual manner,” informs Abhishek Kaushik, Co-Founder & CEO, WeCP.

The company’s skill assessment platform helps businesses to effectively proctor online tests using AI-powered real-time video-based interactive human proctor. The platform can easily be integrated with other third-party sourcing and onboarding tools to enable businesses with end-to-end digitization experience for seamless HR operations. Speaking about various features of the platform, Abhishek says, “Our assessment platform comes with auto-evaluators for nearly 7000+ skills. Auto evaluator in assessment helps our customers eliminate manual grading. We’re helping
our customers in building a skill-centric hiring process which rightly aligns with our vision of helping companies grow faster amid increasing business competition and technological changes."

Ensuring Productive Candidate Hire
It is imperative for businesses to hire productive employees to achieve improved productivity; however, assessing the productivity of employees apart from their technical skills while hiring is a tricky job. WeCP helps businesses solve this problem by analyzing the behavior of candidates during the online tests. “There are certain traits that candidates show during their technical tests such as accuracy in answers, focus during the test, prioritization of tasks, trying hands-on application vs. fleeing from the hand-on application. We dive deep during the online tests to perform behavior analysis and help recruiters to hire productive candidates. We assure our customers with 100 percent transparency, accuracy and justification about people’s data, behavior and performance,” elaborates Abhishek.

We dive deep during the online tests to perform behavior analysis and help recruiters to hire productive candidates

WeCP’s clientele includes some of the reputed companies and organizations such as Robert Bosch, Infosys, Microsoft, GreatLearning, upGrad, Amity Group, Lovely Professional University, Texas Instruments, and others. Currently, the company is focusing to expand into the US, Europe and the Middle East.

“We are very passionate about our customer’s growth, and we live with customer obsession. We’ll continue to add advanced capabilities in our product that would ensure 100 percent of the candidates recommended by WeCP find to be the top-notch employees of that company,” concludes Abhishek.