Scikey: Presenting A Marketplace For Managing Talent

CIO Vendor Talent is in short supply globally, and the impact of COVID-19 has forced a large part of the technology & services industry to look much beyond the conventional ways of employing talent and the future of work. The need to pave way for the earlier alternate channels of talent like marketplaces, gig workers, contract workforce and remote talent are getting adopted mainstream, as a large section of workforce is already working from home for prolonged periods. SCIKEY, established in 2016, is a managed talent marketplace that enables employers globally to build and manage productive teams. The company headquartered in Pune has more than 1.5 million jobseekers, contract & remote workers, and over 2000 virtual recruiters on its managed talent marketplace. Moreover, it helps several public listed companies of the US & UK to employ and engage 400+ remote workers as a part of the Managed Talent Anywhere solution which is powered by SCIKEY’s Talent Commerce Platform.

Companies can combat the dearth of local talent by having a global strategy of developing access to a global talent pool in countries where it may be available in larger number. SCIKEY’s Managed Talent Marketplace has access to a large talent pool in India & Malaysia, and is expanding fast in the rest of Asia and US. The company provides service to leading global brands from the US and Europe by providing offshore talent supported by world-class infrastructure and governance. SCIKEY takes care of hiring, managing and supporting of talent in an offshore location of the employers’ choice, added with strong IT security and program management.

“While investing tremendously in building a great product, we have completely remained focussed on the end outcome and value by aligning our business model. This approach has also helped us win a lot of longterm
as well as repeat customers since they acknowledge that we are not just selling them a product/software, but are taking accountability beyond that,” stated Shriram Viswanathan, Founder, SCIKEY.

Talent Alignment Platform
A revolutionary Talent Alignment & Management solution, Talent Alignment Platform combines the power of technology, research, and mathematical modelling to provide better insights to human decision making. It is powered by the SCIKEY MindMatch algorithm that learns abilities of an individual and gauges its alignment with the job, team, and organization, thereby enabling an engaged, productive and happier workforce. Being highly scalable and available 24/7 online, it takes 20 minutes per individual to complete the assessment online and changes dynamically in real-time as the employee data gets updated.

While investing tremendously in building a great product, we have completely remained focussed on the end outcome and value by aligning our business model

While some clients are using the SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform for building and managing productive teams, some are accelerating HCM and HR transformation efforts with deep people insights derived from the SCIKEY Talent Alignment Platform. In one case, the company has enabled one of the largest airlines to employ and engage more than 100 remote workers. In another case, it helped a mid-size chemicals company in its change management, talent alignment and succession planning exercise.

The Founder, Shriram envisions SCIKEY to provide the best cost and unmatched convenience to the employers across the globe in employing or contracting the best quality talent on premise, offshore, as well as in a remote engagement. SCIKEY has grown multi-fold since starting its operations and is well on its way to become cash-positive.