Gto Pay Appz HR Solutions: Empowering Businesses with Ease of Payroll Processing

CIO Vendor These days, payroll management systems have become an integral part of HR departments of every business entity as they realize the role of technology in automating the time consuming payroll processes. While there exist a lot of payroll processing solutions in the market that help businesses automate the manually driven tasks, enterprises face challenges in ensuring regulatory compliances. In addition to the statutory and legal compliance issues, processing of large volumes of employee data is another challenge for enterprises, considering the diverse areas of activities of their employees. Helping businesses effectively manage their payroll processing by addressing the administrative burdens and compliance issues of payroll and HR process is Gto Pay Appz HR Solutions, a Chennai headquartered company.

Gto Pay Appz HR Solutions provides services in the areas of HR Audit, HR Compliance and HR Operations to all types of businesses, right from SMEs to large corporate. “Today’s enterprises, by focusing on the business processes, are completely ignoring the importance of motivating and managing human resources. We partner with them and take care of their HR processes, thus allowing them to concentrate on core processes. We make the lives of business owners simpler by minimizing their risk exposure and maximizing opportunities for revenue generation,” informs Sathya Narayann, VC & Mentor, Gto Pay Appz. The company offers cutting-edge technology solutions as per the requirements of businesses that create a transparent environment and thereby enable better collaboration between employees and management to manage their day-to-day business operations.

Integrated HRMS & Payroll Solution
RiceHR is a first of its kind fully integrated HRMS and payroll solution developed by GTo Pay Appz. It delivers dual tax regime declaration
functionality in employee self-service and can cater to the needs of all businesses – from an SME with 10 employees to a large enterprise with 100,000 workforces. The solution can easily be integrated with other third-party solutions and enables full benefits to the end user. “RiceHR comes with a mobile friendly design, where full HR ERP functionalities are available on the mobile platform, therefore allowing business owners to access the HR information and reports anywhere at any time. Any change to a country or state will be handled at the product level and will be released as a patch for the respective country or state. Any specific change at the local level can be made by the customers using a self-configuration tool. We also provide chat and on-call support for the clients to perform customizations,” explains Kali Doss R, CEO, Gto Pay Appz about their RiceHR platform. The platform is aligned with cyber physical system and mobile cyber physical system and therefore has capability to handle HR payroll with zero level manual intervention. It creates a virtual copy of the physical world and makes decentralized decisions for HR processes and still connects to the centralized model without changing the status-quo of global policies, ensuring strict compliance with industry regulations.

We make the lives of business owners simpler by minimizing their risk exposure and maximizing opportunities for revenue generation

Currently, the company is providing a basic HR solution with five compensation elements and full payroll with tax including ESS with declaration of old and new regime completely free for 90 days on trial basis. The company is working with different point solution companies on talent management using AI like evaluating a candidate and checking the probability of new joiner to stay with the organisation. As a part of global expansion plans, the company is planning to expand in the APAC and African markets in the years to come.