Cangra Talents: Expediting the recruitment process through Intelligent HR Process Automation Platform

CIO Vendor According to a recent report by Grand View Research, the global human resource management market size is projected to reach $38.17 billion by 2027. Technological advancement has facilitated many business applications, and HR is no exception. It has influenced the recruitment process in ways more than one. From recruitment to employee management, HR tech is the shining example of the generation becoming smart.

Most HR recruiters look for easy to use products and services that alleviate the recruitment process. HR adaptation of such new technology or solution needs complex business logic, functions and processes are abstracted and no learning curve for its use.

One such company that excels in providing HR process automation platforms is Lucknow based Cangra Talents. Cangra Talents offers an autonomous global ranking platform based on a worldwide network of subject matter experts from various domains and a suite of AI-based evaluation products. The HR team can implement this platform to obtain an inside view of the candidate for screening through which the HR cannot only easily filter them out, but also identify a re-skilling need. Moreover, Cangra is ensuring that this autonomous system is transparent to the whole process that it is being followed in the organization.

“Our focus is customer centricity, and that is reflected in all our products and services we offer, and our solutions can be easily integrated with customers’ existing process and workflow. We have also ensured that our products are simple and easy to use, with almost no learning curve,” says Ashu Pathak, Co-Founder of Cangra Talents.

Easy Integration of Process with Existing Systems
The soul of Cangra is Interview as a service with karma based on the intelligent AI platform along with a worldwide network of subject matter experts picked through a rigorous intelligent screening process. It can be
easily integrated with existing process. Therefore, organizations implementing this product need not change their day-to-day practices and can imbibe the whole process into their platform, resulting in process efficiency. It bridges-in by offering an efficient and smart process driven solution with experts with the right skills gauging talent, and AI intelligence looks beyond the technical discussion and adjudging the fitment traits of the talent, thereby predicting the future journey of the talent. These technology lenses give a very different perspective to the talent hiring process for an organization and also the talent to find the right organization suited to their traits.

AI-Human Solution
Cangra Talents is developing niche HR evaluation and process technology solution based on modern principles which are unique in its space, and building a worldwide network of subject matter experts to complement the technology. This AI-Human solution is based on a scalable automation platform – a unique offering which is being built for both enterprises and individuals.

The company has done due diligence to build its process and solution to gather information at various touchpoints in the candidate journey right from the job role, organization, culture, and other important factors that help in decision making. This information is used in the candidate feedback report and candidates’ experience during the interview process.

The Journey Ahead
Cangra offers a variety of services and products such as Interview as a service, Yearly performance assessment service, AI evaluation & process platform, Autonomous evaluation, or SME based evaluation counseling to professionals as well as freshers for reskilling and gap analysis. Since inception in 2018, it has added more than 40+ clients ranging from startups to billion-dollar corporate both in India and internationally. Almost 90 percent of its clients have directly reached-out to Cangra through its website with repeat business in almost every case, which is one of the strengths of the company.

Taking about the future of the company, Ashu concludes, “We would be rolling-out the reskilling platform with autonomous evaluation suite for job seekers. We have been self-funded and able to sustain. We are moving to our next phase of AI product development and are looking to scale our operations in India and abroad”.