ayiruS HR Services: Innovative Approach to Hire the Right Candidates

CIO Vendor According to recent report by Grand View Research, the global human resource management market size is projected to reach $38.17 billion by 2027. Advancements in IT, coupled with the introduction of predictive analytics in HR processes are anticipated to boost the growth of this sector. The invention and evolution of many HRM solutions has enabled professionals to perform traditional HR activities in a reduced span of time and with subsequently increased focus on attracting the right pool of candidates.

One such organization that excels in providing hiring and recruiting services is Hyderabad based ayiruS HR Services. The company follows an innovative approach for hiring. By combining machine data and emotional intelligence into the hiring process, ayiruS HR Services sources out the right candidates who intend to stay longer in the client organizations. ayiruS HR Services has automated all its HR transactional activities through an online portal customised for the company, which also helps in increasing the speed of service. This automated system helped in continuous hiring even during the pandemic Lockdown. ayiruS HR Services has implemented a multi-level screening process for recruitment, where the outcome of the shortlisted candidates stays in tandem with the clients’ requirements.

“We as a startup are very flexible with our service fee, and that makes our clients quantify results they receive for the cost paid,” says Suriya B A Narayan, Prime Consultant at ayiruS HR Services. “The hiring Principle that we follow makes us different from others. We have trained ourselves to apply emotional intelligence in our recruitment process, and it is making a huge difference in getting the right candidates and candidates who will stay longer in our clients’ organizations,” he adds.
Automated Proprietary ATS
Another factor that differentiates ayiruS HR Services from other players is the custom designed Proprietary ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which eases and speeds-up the recruitment process and avoids human errors while dealing with data. By using this Proprietary Custom built Online ATS, HR recruiters can assess candidates instantly based on various qualifying parameters that matches the client requirements. Most importantly, this was a tool that supported their internal recruiters to work from home during the COVID Pandemic Lockdown without compromising on personal health & safety or the service quality. The company’s Extensive Reporting System helps recruiters in understanding and identifying the areas of improvements, together with determining the changes required in the process to get qualified candidates.

Professional Hiring Solutions & Consulting
While getting into the initial requirement assessment with its clients, ayiruS HR Services considers historical data points that are ready to refer and sets the correct ground for expectations. The company discusses about the position and advises the clients on the experience of the candidates, salary package to be offered, and availability of candidatures in the market, all of which are enabled through its machine learning technique using its customized ATS.

When it comes to the candidates, the company does not just offer a job, but discusses about the candidate’s career goals, the opportunities available, and how this opportunity could change their growth curve. It also explains them clearly about where the present clients stand and what growth plans the hiring client have in place.

Future Roadmap
Currently, as an upcoming startup, ayiruS HR Services is only into Core Recruitment and believes that it forms the base for all other HR related activities. “We have long-term goals of entering into managing Skill Enhancement process for our clients’ employees, educating them on operational and behavioural aspects, and more for the benefit of our existing clients,” concludes Suriya.