PeopleWorks: Digitized Solutions for Optimal Human Capital Management

CIO Vendor Among all administrative processes of a company, Payroll processing is the most complex one due to the financial and legal implications involved in it. The difficulties faced by HR department in managing the workforce of a company are multifold in terms of maintaining the work culture, hiring the right talent, compliance with statutory guidelines and maximizing employee's performance and productivity. HR technology solutions with automated functionalities have completely transformed the way of talent management, employee engagement, organisational restructuring and compensation planning by streamlining the entire HR operations of the organization. HR technology solutions aim to automate the talent acquisition process and other manual processes.

However, the path for successful implementation of HR Technology solutions involves various hurdles like complying with legal requirements and regulations, ensuring data security, integrations with other systems and latest technologies.

PeopleWorks, a product with a vision to enable businesses with a simple and relevant Human Capital Management solution, addresses these challenges with its cloud based HCM technology to ease the complex functions of HR executives by streamlining the human resource operations. PeopleWorks HCM software simplifies the monotonous recruitment and on boarding function by automating the candidate selection process and sequencing the qualified prospective candidates.

PeopleWorks reduces the hiring costs by optimizing the recruitment process with well organised documentation pertaining to the recruitment. PeopleWorks helps companies improve employee engagement through surveys, broadcast mails, feedback and quick query resolution. With its
expertise in Payroll solutions and HR management, it enables desktop attendance for in office employees and geoattendance for field forces directly integrated with up to date HR Statutory Compliance Payroll module. Through the Payroll solutions, leave restriction can be monitored automatically as per the leave policies of the company. PeopleWorks facilitate employee career management for the successful retention of key resources in the organization.

Our new age UX designs ensure that PeopleWorks HCM is very simple to use. The time of implementation of HCM is just 45 days for an organization of 1000 employees

The Learning and Development module helps to identify skill gaps in employees and provides opportunities to enhance their skill set by creating training programmes based on employee and project needs. "Our new age UX designs ensure that PeopleWorks HCM is very simple to use. The time of implementation of HCM is just 45 days for an organization of 1000 employees. Modular Configurability feature of HCM eliminates the need for customization," says Vaishakh Kelkar, COO, PeopleWorks. The HCM software developed with robust technology ensures high level of data encryption and security. It facilitates multilayered server security and easy integration with a host of related applications.

Armed with indepth experience in HR Management and Market Leadership in payroll for over a decade, PeopleWorks provides HR Technology for various industries like IT, E-commerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, BFSI and Food Processing. The company has over 200 clientele including Accor Hotels, Isha Foundation, Akshaya Patra etc.