Logo Infosoft Business Technlogy: Digitizing the Business Processes of SMEs and Micro SMEs

CIO Vendor MEs have been emerging as the backbone of Indian economy over the past few decades, providing employment opportunities to almost 40 percent of the Indian workforce, according to MSME report. New technologies provide potential opportunities for SMEs and micro SMEs to compete with large scale enterprises by leveraging the digital means of automation. In the GST regime, the need for filing GST returns and claiming input tax credit has forced all kinds of businesses to digitize the operations ensuring regulatory compliance. However, lack of advanced infrastructure, adequate funds, training, and skilled workforce are some of the factors that hinder the growth of SMEs. For small businesses, finding a vendor who caters to both the needs of GST and ERP solutions has become a cumbersome task for the reason that many technology players in the market provide either ERP Automations solutions or GST solutions.

With a comprehensive view on the big picture, Logo Infosoft, a company having years of experience in the world of ERP automation and expertise in GST solutions in Europe, entered the Indian market in 2016 with rich GST capabilities to automate the operations of SMEs and unorganised sector in India.

Legacy systems with their inherent constraints pose challenge to SMEs with scarce resources. Logo Infosoft Business Technology provides advanced automation solutions on the basis of shared economy principle by experimenting with variety of payment systems, banking solutions and inventory management systems for SMEs, helping them to leverage the cloud technologies. “Analyzing the best practices, we focus on Data Science, AI and ML to provide affordable solutions to SMEs with a goal to drive efficiency and insight in the small businesses. Key is to make state of the art technology simple and affordable. We experiment with our new advanced tools and solutions which SMEs cannot adopt directly unlike large MNCs and then slowly implement them for SMEs, at scale, after making necessary customizations,” informs Afzal Modak, Director.

GST Ready Smart ERP Automation
ERP provides a competitive advantage to businesses by enabling them to manage the supply chain operations with a centralised and integrated system. Jugnu, a GST Ready ERP solution caters to the needs of enterprises looking for scalable solutions to integrate with the core back engine. JUGNU ERP can be deployed at scale by overcoming the prohibitive commercial considerations to achieve efficiency of business processes at every step of the value chain. Jugnu is multi currency, multi calendar and multi language solution with document sequencing functionality and customization toolkit to add additional functionalities at no cost. It integrates with other applications like Human Resources, Business Analytics and CRM, providing optimal and economical solutions for all business enterprise needs to increase business productivity.

Simplifying the Distribution Network Management
Absence of established communication channel among the companies that
depend on distribution chain network for business leads to inefficient business operations. LogoVIRA is a connected SMEs’ software for sales forecasting, demand planning, budget management, sales management, supply chain management, business intelligence and analytics with capabilities like accounting, campaigns and promotions at every selling point for better revenue growth. It provides optimal route planning for sales and delivery. VIRA also tracks the GPS location of the field workforces and records the trip details to ensure adherence to the planned field operations. LogoVIRA connects trading partners of distribution network and supply chain for managing secondary and tertiary sales. “We have automated some of the largest distribution chains in the world. We had privilege to automate the distribution chains of Unilever in 12 countries. We serve across various industries like FMCG, oil, electronic goods, white goods, apparel, mobiles, tyres etc,” says Vinod Subramanian, CEO.

Analyzing the best practices, we focus on Data Science, AI and ML to provide affordable solutions to SMEs with a goal to drive efficiency and insight in the small businesses

GST Compliant Accounting Solution for Small Businesses
Logo VYAPARI is a mobile solution for the problems of small and mid sized enterprises to record the daily business. It helps in managing invoices, purchase orders and receipts and provides accurate data for on time GST Returns filing. VYAPARI enables users to scan the items registered in the ERP for error free data and effective management of the inventory. VYAPARI is a cloud based platform to record the sales, purchase, inventory and accounting transactions with secured remote access. “We have invested sufficient amount of time in studying the Indian market and understanding the Indian business rules and financial regulation. So we came up with products that are in 100 percent compliance with GST and completely localized to fit the Indian market,” affirms Vinod Subramanian.

Logo Infosoft brings in the best practices and learning from across the globe to Indian SMEs. “We are working with various banks on their Open Banking initiatives, and some of the large enterprises in digitizing their extended enterprise. GSTN is doing commendable work in encouraging digitization of SMEs and micro SMES in India, and we are delighted to have got a chance to participate in such initiatives which will change the way commerce is done in India,” concludes Vinod Subramanian.