InterviewAir: Bringing All the Stakeholders in Hiring Process under One Roof with AI Powered Interface

Ridhima Gaub, COO

With time, recruitment has become a multifold challenge for hiring managers and they are looking for new ways to efficiently handle the entire recruiting process in order to acquire the right talent. Organizations reach out to external recruiters like staffing firm, head hunters, recruiting agencies to help fill the vacant positions by deploying technological solutions. However, the smart solutions that revolve around leveraging smart algorithm, automated bots, automated telephonic interviews etc. have not availed much when it comes to profiling potential candidates for personal interview. After going through all the time consuming lengthy processes involving recruiters, hiring managers are far from any significant achievement, given the selection ratio being 27:1.

Coming to the aid, Interview Air, a budding startup in the HR tech domain has devised a solution to the existing problems of inefficiency and redundancy in the hiring process. The company has put its focus on being one stop shop providing end to end needs of all stakeholders in the hiring industry. The company strives to bridge the existing inefficiencies by building an interface among Job Seekers, Colleges, Vocational Institutions, Corporate, Consultants and Trainers. The product brings them all under one roof eliminating the roadblocks in communication, transcending the physical and geographical barriers.

Leveraging AI to overcome Traditional Barriers
Staying ahead of the curve with its thought leadership in this domain, the company is providing an AI based Asynchronous Video Profiling technology for talent acquisition. By introducing one stop solution
incorporating automated tools, Machine Learning and AI technology, the company has tremendously enhanced the scope not only for the HR recruiters but also for the job seekers, giving them a huge potential to grow. For its digital data driven innovation, Interview Air has also won recognition and accolade under Technology Access innovation category in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Inclusive Innovation Challenge Asia.

"Unlike Skype, InterviewAir has no time dependency, and multiple rounds of interviews can be conducted by using just a Smartphone and 4G or 3G technology"

Steering clear of the traditional approach of going through extensive CVs and laboriously filtering candidates for personal meetings to take one step further in the lengthy interview processes, the company enables job aspirants spread across geographies to be video interviewed where recruiters can map their capabilities easily. And the interviews are circulated across smart devices in no time to reach consensus among managers, without investing days for this process. Then the selected candidates can be called for the final round of face to face interview. The platform is all set to be implemented for digital campus placements across the country.

Bringing Jobs to Door-Steps
The company takes into consideration the painstaking ordeal job seekers undergo in the entire hiring process. With its AI powered solution, the company aims to bring jobs to the door steps of the applicants, creating a level playing field where job seekers from tier 2, 3 and 4 cities get an equal opportunity for employment. Thus, it reduces the time intensive hiring process, saving cost and resources for candidates as well as companies.

Talking about the differentiating factor that sets the company’s video technology apart from other similar technologies, Ridhima Gaub, COO of the company states, “Unlike Skype, InterviewAir has no time dependency, and multiple rounds of interviews can be conducted by using just a Smartphone and 4G or 3G technology. By using asynchronous Video Tech, candidates can be interviewed from the comfort of their premises(especially small-townjob applicants) and share their Video Profiles along with their CV with the Corporate HR Manager(s).”