HR URS: Delivering End-to-End Recruitment Solutions through AI-ML Powered Platform

CIO Vendor Finding the right candidate for a vacant position is one of the major challenges faced by recruiters and HR managers today. Unfortunately, organi- zations today are still using outdated strategies which coupled with their inability to understand the changing needs of the industry is making the recruitment process even more difficult. Since it is difficult for organizations to find the right candidate for the vacant position, HR URS, a Bangalore based company through its systematic, innovative, and collaborative consulting approach helps organizations fill in the vacant positions with the right candidates as per the client's requirements. The company has implemented an advanced recruitment, payroll, and HRIS platform powered by AI - ML technologies to provide a complete end-to-end recruitment solution. Through its dedicated efforts, HR URS ensures that it delivers value and satisfaction to both the clients and candidates as well.

"We are a team of dedicated experts with expertise in people management and cutting edge technologies across industries. We believe in the ideology of "Right Person at Right Place","begins Kalyan Maddi, Founder, HR URS. The company offers full time, temporary, and part time staffing as part of its staffing solutions. The company's services cover all aspects of recruitment, beginning with sourcing and hiring till the staff induction process.

Bulk hiring process using AI & ML powered platform
HR URS follows a 5-step method for its bulk hiring process. The HR URS team first receives the Job description from the on boarded clients and shares it to the bulk hiring team through several means such as mass mailing, SMS blast, paper advert, campus hiring, conducting and participating in job fairs etc. Secondly, the HR URS team screens the profile of the candidates, shortlists them, and explains the roles and responsibilities involved in the JD to them. After this, the team sends the
short listed candidates to the client organizations for the preliminary interviews or multiple rounds of interview as per the guidelines. Once the candidates clear the interview rounds, the HR URS team takes feedback from both the client and the candidate regarding the interview. However, the HR URS team does not stop here but further follows up with the clients for the release of the offer letter and also convinces the candidate to accept the offer as well and follows up with the candidate until he/she completes the probation period.

We are a team of dedicated experts with expertise in people management and cutting-edge technologies across industries

"We believe that speed and efficiency are two non negotiable characteristics for successful recruitment cycle. Moreover, our systems are designed in such a way that the clients can check the status of their assigned services from anywhere, anytime, just with a single click," says Kalyan.

For most companies, owning a separate payroll management team is not feasible; therefore, they outsource their payroll management tasks to HR URS and thereby obtain multiple benefits such as on time precise payroll release, statutory compliance, and redressal of payroll associated grievances.

HR URS also provides various other services such as Contract Staffing, Employee Engagement, HR Statutory, Training & Development, Performance Management Systems, Policies Development, and HR Audit. The company offers one stop HR Solutions for startups, enabling them to concentrate on their business and financial transactions.

The company has delivered recruitment services to some of the biggest tech companies and is planning to expand its portfolio in the future.