M2H Infotech: Breaking Down Silos to Better Streamline HR Processes

Mohammed Faizan Lanka, Partner
The human resources sector plays a mission critical role that can bring a business close to a standstill if it does not function efficiently. There has been an escalation in the number of solution providers rolling out HRMS solutions to automate HR processes like accelerating recruitment, ensuring employee productivity and automating daily workflow. While this domain displays indications of significant potential, currently, there are very few solution providers that offer a complete HR solution which automates the process right from on-boarding till separations. Encountering a similar challenge, a well-renowned organization operating across multiple business verticals experienced issues in streamlining their HR processes in a single system and achieving consolidated financial and other reports proved to be a tedious task. Additionally, monitoring the performance of the group companies and viewing its balance scorecards were not possible. Coming to the fore and breaking down these information silos, Kerala headquartered M2H Infotech implemented its end-to-end product Office kit HR to seamlessly automate the leave managements, attendance, payroll, and performance onto a single platform while enabling quick decision making across the various HR functions. With the exponential growth in the use of mobile phones, the team at M2H Infotech designed the solution to be mobile friendly, permitting easy approvals and joining forces in the paperless environment.

Another bottleneck in this domain is the hassle of third-party verification of employment history. Saving on otherwise wasted resources that do not promise accuracy, the company facilitates
clients with their detail-oriented Office kit HR with the option E-Verify leveraged to avail Employment & Performance history. Employers/ Customers using Officekit HR platform have an option to share data mutually and Officekit HR’s Applicant Tracking system will suggest right candidate selection based on his resume parameters plus his previous organizations performance history. This unique offering promises a self-explanatory UI design combined with a gamut of explanatory videos, documents and the M2H Infotech team at the client’s disposal of providing excellent training and configuration support, making it a class apart from other traditional HR systems. The team has an excellent client on boarding process which reduces time to input client data on live in a short time frame.

"Officekit HR seamlessly automates the leave managements, attendance, payroll, and performance onto a single platform while enabling quick decision making across the various HR functions"

Extending the product with a suite of comprehensive functionalities, Officekit HR is an integrated solution with features that encompass Applicant Tracking System, Employee Management, Payroll, Performance Management System, Leave Management, Shift Management, HR Analytics, HR Budgeting & Its Analytics and Employee Self Service while simultaneously catering to the security aspect. “Office kit HR software is being continuously audited by various third parties and we make sure we follow standard data security laws. We have applied various encryption mechanisms for data transfer. Our Servers are certified and our client-server data communications happen via secure SSL channel,” assures Mohammed Faizan Lanka, Partner at M2H Infotech.

Having catered across a plethora of enterprises in this domain, the company envisions a widespread adoption of HRMS solutions in India in the coming years. Gearing up for the future, the team is working on improving the product UI in tandem with the latest trends and designs. The company has dedicated a team towards implementing AI in its ESS and HR portal to deliver better user experience and help employees to take right decision on right time.