HRMSAAS by Sybels: Cloud based HR Software with complete End to End HR solutions

Sujata Raut, Founder
Legacy based Human Resource operations is one of the key issues with small and mid segment enterprises. Paper based manual works create redundancy and are prone to error. It consumes organization’s time and resources and yields unsatisfactory results in every aspect of HR work. For successful business strategy, HR work methodology must entail reducing repetitive works and getting its operations agile. In the fast paced business world, organizations require their HR department to optimize performance and synchronize its daily operations. Sybels HRMSAAS has positioned itself in the HR segment to provide user friendly, fully automated, secured and cost effective solution. It has tailor made software solution to cater to the needs of small and mid segment business. Commenting on the unique positioning of the company, Sujata Raut, Founder, Sybels says, “We work for Small and Medium organizations where there are no systems available at all. We look forward to put the basic right, and get HR Manager on digital platform. HRMSAAS works with the vision Go Digital. It is easy to use, easy to implement, with user friendly interface and fully automated system. Any employee with basic computer knowledge can operate the system. It is a cost effective model which is never heavy on organization’s pocket and management can easily accept it.”

"HRMSAAS works with the vision Go Digital. It is easy to use, easy to implement, with user friendly interface and fully automated system"

Sybels understands the Human Resource operations and its challenges for small or mid segment enterprises. With HRMSAAS the
company aims at synchronizing and digitizing daily HR operations of employee management, payroll, leave approval, outdoor travels, attendance, loans, advances and salary pertaining to employees. These solution establishes a proper channel among employees, boss, HR and Management. It brings in transparency, enhances operational quality and makes way for proper accountability. HRMSAAS solution will help reduce follow ups and employee queue ups in front of HR department.

Sybels takes care of the post implementation services needed by an organization. Team HRMSAAS provides good support and timely response to its clients. “Our team is in constant touch with HR Managers to help them if they are stuck during the online process. We respond quickly to our clients. For any new changes or development required by a company, the response time has been only a day. This has helped us gain our client’s confidence. Our aim is not just giving them the software but to make sure they use it on daily basis.” Says Sujata

HRMSAAS has incorporated all modules required for proper functioning of HR. It covers all aspect of HR operations like, employee management, payroll, Leave management, travel management, Training, Performance, Recruitment and Inductions. With automation solution in the software HR managers can cut down on repetitive manual works and shift their focus on other developmental activities. Talking about the software’s automated recruitment model, Raut says, “HRMSAAS helps to streamline the recruitment in a simple format. Managers can maintain CV database online. They can schedule interviews, invite interview panels, post job vacancy directly on job portals, and get applications directly in HRMSAAS system.”

When asked about other services that Sybels provides, she adds,“Sybels is providing IT solutions like SAAS, cloud based software, mobile application development, customized software and e-commerce products.”

For its future endeavor Sybels aims to launch few other products in HR segment. The company has started its operations in Nasik, Mumbai and Nagpur.