SmartOffice Payroll - Upgrading to a Flexible and Automated HRMS

CIO Vendor Human Resources software, core HR IT systems, cloud-based and outsourced; form an alphabet soup of opportunities that can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming for business owners. Now, more than ever, HR advances require an experienced pilot to guide through the digitalization journey of an organization. Headquartered in Bangalore, SmartOffice Payroll and Biometrics Solutions Private Limited offers integrated solution for Time and Attendance, leave & shift management, Payroll management with customized reports. SmartOffice Suite is efficient attendance software trusted across the industries such as retail, education, corporate, healthcare, transport, service industry and banking.

Managing auto shifts and overtime while maintaining time attendance and payroll often becomes a tedious task in organizations where headcount is more and the shifts are completely rotational. SmartOffice has designed a solution that incorporates auto shift feature which automatically takes care of assigning the shift to employees as per their biometrics punches. While having multiple inbuilt formulas to calculate overtime as per the company policies, the cloud-based solution also ensures anytime- anywhere accessibility, zero maintenance, close to zero investment, and data security. “The solution empowers employees to check their attendance data, apply leave and mark attendance via mobile app with GPS location on the field”, explains Chetan Jain, Director- Marketing and Finance, SmartOffice. The solution enables better manpower utilization and increases productivity by seamlessly integrating Biometrics, Attendance & Payroll on a single platform. This, in turn, helps the HR and administrators to concentrate more on core activities by having the system do the repetitive or manual activities for them.
The SmartOffice leave module eliminates redundancy of work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups thereby saving time and transaction costs. On the compliance part, the solution is built by taking the inputs of the domain experts. The organization extends a management team that tracks any changes in Payroll and other related IT rules to make sure that the changes are updated in the solution.

Payroll and Biometrics Solutions offers integrated solution for Time and Attendance, leave & shift management, Payroll management with customized reports

As explained by Sumit Jain, Director, SmartOffice; there are enterprises that work from multiple locations and look forward to centralize the system in order to monitor employee attendance. By using Biomax push data technology based biometrics machine, data can be pushed to a centralized location. The software is seamlessly integrated with eSSL and Biomax thus resolving issues associated with connectivity and data transfer on daily basis.
Having served over 2 lac customers with its time attendance and payroll software, SmartOffice works with over 10k channel partners across India and worldwide to provide sales, installation and after sales support. “Mobility is the future of technology and SmartOffice will soon be completely migrated on Mobile”, assures Sumit. The company strives to develop a robust work force management system to ensure enhanced employee productivity. “Mandating innovations to be an integral part of its improvement process, SmartOffice is determined to emerge as a key provider of HRMS, Attendance & Payroll solutions to the SMEs in the years to come”, stated by Chetan Jain as the vision of SmartOffice.