Résuméfox - Power hiring with Recruitment automation

CIO Vendor Imagine recruitment department of a company advertises a job. A lot of resumes start pouring in from various channels. The recruiters go to the job portals and download some resumes as well. With thousands of resumes coming in, there is no way that the recruiters will be able to go through each and every resume. In fact, recruiters will hardly be able to review even 5 percent of the resumes that come in. And in this melee, it is only certain that the best candidates who have applied don’t even get considered. More than the candidates, it is the company that stands to lose a lot. It had one opportunity to shortlist some perfectly talented candidates who could have been the perfect fit for the job profile, but it didn’t have a mechanism to recognize and pick them. Résuméfox, a Bangalore based company, offers an enterprise recruitment management platform that streamlines the entire recruitment process right from the time a hiring manager raises a request to the time when the candidate joins and all their records are transferred to HRMS. This entire chain gets streamlined and workflow gets automated with great efficiency.

Armed with its artificial intelligence based Resume Parsing and Searching technologies, Résuméfox can process thousands of resumes at an amazing speed and puts them into a central resume repository. The resumes in the centralized repository are then instantly searchable by combination of keywords and other criteria with an amazing accuracy. Its resume search technology goes beyond regular Boolean keyword-based searching and enables the recruiters to pinpoint the exact set of resumes that they want to look at.

Value addition with integrations
The biggest value proposition that Résuméfox brings to the table for the companies is the ability to take into account each and every resume that
comes in. It achieves this by integrating with LinkedIn, and job portals like Naukri, Monster etc., by establishing dedicated portals for employee referrals, internal movements (IJP), vendors and candidates, by integrating with common email client software like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and also with IMAP servers. With this, the employees and vendors can refer candidates against different open positions through their respective portals and no longer have to refer candidates via email. Their candidates’ portal in turn gets linked with the Careers’ section of Company’s public website and manages the entire candidates’ experience in terms of registration, updating their profile information, applying for multiple jobs, uploading necessary documents needed through the recruitment process, etc. Every candidate in the database automatically gets access to the candidates’ portal. All resumes (applications) coming from different channels get automatically tagged to specific open positions making the life of recruiters very easy.

Résuméfox offers an enterprise recruitment management platform that streamlines the entire recruitment process and all their records are transferred to HRMS

Future recruiting automation landscape
With talent being a strategic asset in today’s corporate environment, companies are investing like never before into tools and technologies that enable them to predictably hire the right talent in the shortest possible time. Standing in direct competition with several global biggies and owing to its innovations and completeness of vision, Résuméfox is reshaping the dimensions of recruitment automation platforms.