Interbiz Solutions LLP - Driving Transparency and Automation in Day to Day HR Activities

CIO Vendor The advancement in technology and embracement of HR application has altered the view of the industry while redesigning the role of Human Resource. Moreover, it has become imperative for organizations to have access to the right set of HRM tools in order to facilitate employees to derive their full potential. Based out of Hyderabad, Interbiz Solutions LLP focuses on developing HRM solutions with the goal of allowing businesses to address their critical HR needs.

Interbiz offers a complete HR software suite called 247HRM that simplifies end to end HR management processes from payroll and taxes to performance appraisals and time tracking. The analytics dashboard provides actionable insights into the organization that allows management teams to make required course corrections. The product has been consistently serving HR industry effectively for over 15 years. By harnessing the latest in technology in order to offer user friendly solutions accessible on any device, 247HRM has always been ahead of the curve.

247HRM to Better Engage Employees
Keeping pace with the undergoing transformation in the Talent Management landscape, Interbiz has designed 247HRM that automates recruitment operation and reduces attrition. The solution generates new job openings based on approved manpower budgets. It enables access to CVs from multiple sources and aids in resume short listing, candidate testing and interview scheduling. Once a candidate has been recruited, the on-boarding process takes over to ensure that related candidate data has been captured adhering to the company policies. With 247HRM, employees can look for new opportunities in the organization that require skill sets similar to theirs.
The solution comprises succession planning add-ons that identifies and mentors people with the right skills-set to take over key positions in the organization. This helps retain knowledge and business continuity. With its employee engagement module, 247HRM assists companies to take corrective action at necessary situations to better engage the employees.

Interbiz Solutions LLP focuses on developing HRM solutions with the goal of allowing businesses to address their critical HR needs

As income tax and statutory compliances play a crucial role in overall organization’s growth, Interbiz propounds its intuitive Income Tax screens that empower employees with better understanding of the process and assist them take right steps to reduce tax due. 247HRM generates up-loadable formats for all statutory departments including income tax, ESI, PF, PT etc. 247HRM automates leave & expense management processes thus ensures smooth and hassle free payroll. “While integrating with different biometric devices, 247HRM’s attendance regularisation feature confirms that all the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed by the time it is time to run your payroll”, explains Varun Reddy, Director, Interbiz Solutions LLP.

While making constant efforts to incorporate engaging attributes related to employee performance tracking and attendance management, Interbiz intends to avail cost effective and scalable enterprise grade HRMS solutions thereby enhancing organisational transparency and accountability. Keeping this in focus, the company looks forward to render its solutions using seamless delivery methods such as cloud, LAN and desktop. Having served over 650 clients across various industry verticals, Interbiz is inclined towards establishing itself as an industry leader and trend setter through developing new age HR solutions.