Focus Infosoft - Incorporating ‘First Understand to be Understood’ Mantra in HR Technology

CIO Vendor In this era of Internet of Things, every company needs to endorse automation for day to day operations. This, not just increases the productivity/ efficiency, but enables organization of any size to analyze information quickly and make real-time decisions. These decisions are not based on instincts but backed up by insights. While living in a truly dynamic world we can’t afford to lose time in preparation of information to make business decisions. New Delhi Headquartered conglomerate- Focus Infosoft Group provides IT solutions that are user-friendly. With its real-time dashboards, these solutions help organizations operationally, as well as strategically irrespective of the size of the company.

A trailblazer in ‘Make in India’ campaign for over 20 years, Focus Infosoft’s team of consultants have varied experience ranging from automobile to manufacturing to E-Commerce marketing. Over the years, the company has helped in reduction of the project life cycle and also provided domain expertise for these areas. Focus Infosoft also provides Payroll outsourcing services to clients where they actually outsource the pain points related to Payroll & HR allowing the clients to focus on strategic avenues instead. With end to end HR and Payroll solution that takes care of the entire employee lifecycle, Focus Infosoft group is enabling the complete ‘Hire to Retire’ process. FocusPay and FocusERP- the two flagship products of the company endorse latest technologies and interface of desktop, web & mobile platforms. Ease of use and anywhere anytime accessibility of data, reports and analysis enable client organizations with quick turnaround time and ever improving Return on Investments.
How FocusPay is Challenging HR frontiers?
When approached by a 2000 crore public limited company to solve their HR and payroll technical problems, FocusPay was selected as their preferred solution. Initially, a German ERP player was assigned to solve these technical problems. The company used that product for at least 3 years, despite it being costly and time consuming. When the product was failing to recognize the concern areas they decided to move on and selected FocusPay. Focus Infosoft team worked extensively with the client, not just to understand the detailed requirements but to identify the prevalent pain points right at the start. This helped to quickly present a solution that overcame the problems faced. The efficiency of the client increased by at least 30 percent. The client also started to receive all the reports related to regulatory and compliance just at the click of a button thereby reducing most of the manual work as well as duplication.

Focus Infosoft provides Payroll outsourcing services to clients where they actually outsource the pain points related to Payroll & HR

Pushing HR Technology Frontiers in the Near Future
From staff crunched HR in small companies to limiting human errors in HR of big companies, a technical solution which can perform the entire HR workflow, can indeed revolutionize the workplace. One such innovative solution is to use Proprietary algorithms in Predictive consultation that will give consultative updates to new companies with insights which they can consider doing to reach the next desired level. This kind of technology has the potential to revolutionize the HR strategic capacity and push the HR technology frontiers in the years to come.