Xecute HR Solutions - Productively Managing People and Processes

CIO Vendor The global HR market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4% with an expected growth of $9.2 billion by 2022. Indian organisations have successfully utilized technology to develop highly advanced service functions, and HR technology is travelling a steady maturity path. Experts believe that there are sizable opportunities in India yet to be explored compared to the mature HR service economies in the west. Organizations are gradually realizing the need for anytime information availability, new ways to manage performance and efficiency, and develop new ways to engage talent. XecuteHR, an innovative leader in the HR technology market, is a proficient player providing expert solutions covering all the core areas of HR.

When it comes to productively managing people or driving people productivity XecuteHR provides the best of the breed HR solutions. XecuteHR leverages its HR services through HR tech platform called Xite. XecuteHR’s HR tech platform ‘Xite” meets all of the expectations of core HR services better than most systems in market. This innovation has helped the company win pitches with clients who have rejected bigger players to avail this service.

XecuteHR has positioned itself as one of the best companies dealing with comprehensive enterprise solutions. The services provided includes standard payroll and administration, solutions that cater to optimization and efficiency of HR management such as analytics, performance, engagement, learning and development, and workforce solutions. The distinctive features of XecuteHR solutions include: cloud based system that can operate on an Opex model, mobile based solutions, dashboard and analytics to aid decision making, fastest time to implementation and a lower TCO, and unique solutions like CWMS (Contract Workforce Management System).
The CWMS module helps in managing even outsourced workforce and vendors with invoicing capabilities, a unique creation that is not available even with global firms.

XecuteHR’s “Sales Max” product is a mobile and web based platform that helps in managing field based workforce and helps HR processes like GPS based attendance and basic functions like payslips, leave, business productivity solutions with sales reports, merchandising productivity, service reports, and installation reports with preset and customised analytics.

XecuteHR’s HR tech platform ‘Xite” meets all of the expectations of core HR services better than most systems in market

XecuteHR has provided its valuable service to business giants like Airtel, Samsung, Ericsson, Mercedes, UHG, and Max life for their flexible staffing needs and recruitment requirements. In the HR technology space, it boasts of clients like Grant Thornton, Konica Minolta, Fino, Aramex, Ericsson and others. The success of XecuteHR in the preceding years has created grounds for the company to flourish and thrive in the HR market. The company forecasts to grow at a minimum 15-20 percent CAGR over the next five years and the HR technology growing at 50-60 percent CAGR. The company marches forward with a motivation to evolve its large and award winning technology platform to serve more and more clients and create large partnerships. It was recently awarded the CRISIL MSE 2 Rating and already has an ISO 27001 from 2013. XecuteHR also won the Skoch award in 2014.