Paysquare Consultancy - Simplifying HRM through Low Cost Customizable Solutions

CIO Vendor As technology reaches its pinnacle, digitization becomes of paramount importance in HR in order to ease the process of hiring. In the coming years all HR related functions will be digitized and delivered through mobile applications. Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing and Outsourcing of services will grow. However most companies today are still using paper or semi-automatic (Excel based) systems for HR functions such as PMS and recruitment. The HR technology solution providers have to cater to technologically advanced and backward customers as well as adopt latest technology which is usually expensive.

Aligned with these challenges, headquartered in Pune and present pan India, Paysquare has succeeded in establishing an equilibrium between catering to all kinds of customers and using the right technology. Paysquare is gearing up to be competitive in the market with good investment in technology and skilled manpower and bring greater emphasis on system, technology and automation. “We process over two lakh payslips per month for over 600 corporate clients and have a successful track record of over 16 years in serving our clients with innovative and specialized IT based solutions. While our customers come from virtually all industries of the economy, we have a substantial experience in - Automotive, Retail, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Logistics, Pharma and Health Care,” reveals Rakesh Jain, CEO and Founder,Paysquare.

Paysquare provides comprehensive end to end solutions and guidance on payroll, compliance and HR related Services. These include- leave management , attendance tracking, investment, income-tax calculations etc.
The company’s payroll solutions help in reducing cost and risk, avoiding technological headaches and much more. “Precision”, a software platform that is owned and developed by Paysquare is highly configurable to meet specific requirements and solve today's business challenges. Paysquare’s ‘Mypayroll’ is a self-service tool that helps maintain transparency throughout the organization. “Our services are ISO qualified; we have contingency plans that comply with the data protection legislation. We work together with our customers to make sure that our processes and procedures comply with their internal controls or international requirements. We listen to our Customers and act accordingly,” asserts Rakesh.

Paysquare is gearing up to be competitive in the market with good investment in technology and skilled manpower and bring greater emphasis on system, technology and automation

Paysquare believes in following a highly process driven approach with high emphasis on documentation, automation and strong process culture. It is able to offer high degree of accuracy and predictability across its payroll outsourcing engagements. Systems at Paysquare are protected from any external threats such as virus, malware or hacking. Services like Business Continuity planning (BCP) as well as Disaster Recovery planning (DRP) are also provided by them to ensure that calamities don’t affect business operations of clients.

Paysquare doesn’t only have a portal that can be used on all devices like computer, tablet or mobile but also an Application for Android / IOS which can be downloaded on cell phones to ease the process for individual employees. The company aims to serve 1000+ global clients and process payrolls for 10lakh+ employees monthly in the near future.