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CIO Vendor In a study conducted by Google Accel in March this year, Global SaaS is to be a $132 Billion (USD) revenue industry by 2020 of which a staggering share of $50 Billion is poised to emerge from India. The same report states that the Indian market likely to become a $10Billion revenue industry by 2025 with HR Tech as one of the major contributors from India to the global SaaS business and TalentRecruit is poised to take full advantage of the exponential growth in the adoption for disruptive HR Tech across India.

“The potential for growth within the Indian market for HR technology is immense,” says Alok Nidhi Gupta (MD). He adds, “We have seen a steady rise in the number of companies willing to adopt HR technologies in both staffing firms and corporates.”

TalentRecruit offers a range of flexibly built software solutions to serve the unique talent acquisition needs for organizations of different types and sizes including corporate recruitment, contract employee deployment and student placement. This includes exclusive recruitment software suites for Staffing Firms, Corporations, Universities, Training& Skill Development Institutes and for Candidate Onboarding Management to reach the widest audience.

“We believe that the end-to-end solutions that we build, which cater to all the challenges in hiring for different entities, will open the eyes of organizations to the tremendous opportunities that await those who adopt the latest best practices. These organizations will no longer want to or have a valid reason to defer the adoption of advanced ATS technologies”, says Alok Gupta.

Backing this statement, Alok Gupta says, “As a testament to this fact, we have come to a leadership position in ATS technology in India in a very short period of time.”
When asked about resistance to technology within the industry, Alok says, “A significant challenge was the prevalent mindset that recruitment can be managed through a manual process and belief that they can defer the adoption of advanced technologies”, opines Alok. “There is an increasing trend with HR fraternity to adopt the technology in the recruitment process that help them hire the right candidate at right time at right cost.”

TalentRecruit offers a range of flexibly built software solutions to serve the unique talent acquisition needs for organizations of different types and sizes

TalentRecruit has recently unveiled a brand new version of its cloud based ATS – Version 2.0. When asked about the new system, Vikas Kumar Gupta (CTO) says, “Our customers will see a shift from the traditional approach towards recruitment towards an intelligent system that is proactive, predictive and prescriptive in nature. New features, along with advanced algorithms inbuilt into our iNtelliSearch Engine, will revolutionize the way candidates are sourced & empower recruiters on our platform to headhunt the best possible candidates from the world-wide web.”

“At TalentRecruit we build our software on the core principles of Intelligence, Automation and Analytics,” says Vikas. “The new software combines the latest Microsoft and Google technologies that have hit the market to deliver a user-friendly system interface & provide the best possible end-user experience.”

“The new system delivers unmatched system performance, speed, complete mobile responsiveness with end-to-end metrics on hiring onto a single integrated platform and a lot more that brings clarity within the entire recruitment life cycle.” Alok concludes with a smile, “All said and done we will leave the HR fraternity amazed with our products”.