TalentBurst Inc.: Focusing on Service Oriented Recruitment Methodologies

CIO Vendor The new age solutions have made the HR Industry more innovative and intuitive, blending talent and supply chain management into one. As an HR Consultant/Staffing/Solution firm, the quicker one adopts and embraces the change, the better it is. There is a need for service delivery model which is customer centric and quality driven.
TalentBurst has a team of recruiters who are “detail-oriented generalists” working constantly with each other to deliver high quality candidates. Overall 137 years of industry experience ushers TalentBurst to ameliorate the HR industry to a new altitude. The company believes in its objective of comprehending the requirement of client or consultant and providing organized training to the experts to identify the right candidate for their client.

TalentBurst saw the shift in thought process of its clients and adjusted its delivery process to fit the new age model

TalentBurst has an experienced management team in place and it follows a very well defined process within a lean structure. Regardless of the years of experience or role, everyone is involved hands on and is a key contributor.“Our delivery/recruiting process is the key to our success and probably the reason why the clients love working
with us and refer us to their counterparts,” says Baljit 'Brian' Gill, Founder & CIO of TalentBurst.
The work culture and work ethics of TalentBurst team are the major differentiators of the company. Owing to its focus on servicing the client, the company has the best mix of clients including social, technology, transaction processing, financial services, pharma/life sciences and utilities. Its four recruiting hub locations using state of the art technology provides recruiting coverage for 12 hours a day and consultant/client support 24 hours a day.

To keep up with the ever evolving employment, benefits and business laws, TalentBurst relies on the best lawyers in these specific areas to guide them and keep us compliant.

In contrast to most of the staffing companies which are reluctant to work with MSPs, TalentBurst embraced the VMS/MSP model at the early stages and over the years have mastered the process. “We recognized the way the market was moving and instead of fighting, worked with the change. VMS/MSP is the way of the new age and especially for companies who play fair and win on their expertise and process. VMS/MSP business is all about knowledge, speed and accuracy - all weighed equally,” adds Baljit.

TalentBurst saw the shift in thought process of its clients and adjusted its delivery process to fit the new age model. The company teaches its recruiters that every transaction must be backed up with a relationship – that to blend is the only way to deliver high quality results in a transaction oriented delivery model.

TalentBurst continues to grow its recruiter and operational base and has been constantly trying to stay a step ahead by envisioning where the growth is coming from and focusing on expanding that market while expanding its own infrastructure/back bone. In the coming year 2016-17, TalentBurst plans to expand its reach further in North America and India and extend the roots to Europe and South America.