PeopleWorks: Automating HCM and Enhancing Employee Engagement

CIO Vendor IT has changed the way HR executives work. Among various technologies, Cloud has become a key enabler in HR Management. Hence, it has become imperative for enterprises to embrace cloud for performing HR processes. HRMS on Cloud not only helps in completing HR related tasks, but also reduces the time spent on compliance issues. If Cloud based automation is not adopted, HR executives and employees usually spend many unnecessary hours on manual and paper based processes. HR automation on Cloud transforms a paper-burdened HR department into an online technology enabled platform with Mobility providing the required value add. “When it comes to people management and data management, automation is the key. It is extremely tough for organizations to work without automation,” believes Vaishakh Kelkar, COO at Crossdomain Solutions Private Limited.

PeopleWorks consumes only a fraction of that time in installation when compared to other cloud based Human Capital Management software.

With an aim to improve engagement of employees and ease the tasks of HR executives, Bangalore based Crossdomain Solutions offers its flagship product PeopleWorks - a Human Capital Management Software.
“By fully automating the HR process, we ensure that enterprises save over 50 percent of their HR executives’ time spent on manual processes ,” explains Kelkar.
Crossdomain Solutions started its business as a payroll outsourcing company and later in 2012 ventured into the business of HCM software by introducing PeopleWorks. As one of the first payroll outsourcing companies in India, Crossdomain Solutions knows precisely what Top Management, HR executives and employees require. The company has incorporated pre-configured HR policies in its solution that are as per Government regulations. Even in functions like performance management, where some believe that there is a lot of bias in the process, Crossdomain Solutions mitigates this problem by incorporating best HR practices into PeopleWorks. “Our product gets configured as per the requirement of an organization. The only difference is that the larger organizations would have a more evolved policy, whereas on the other hand, smaller organizations would not require much policy,” points out the COO. PeopleWorks consumes only a fraction of that time in installation when compared to other cloud based Human Capital Management software.

With all system upgrades done online, Crossdomain Solutions ensures the workflow is unaffected by any system downtime. Owing to numerous benefits of PeopleWorks, Kelkar iterates that the product is an end-to-end employee lifecycle solution, which helps companies in managing their workforce better. He further opines that the future of HR Technology will be in the area of SMAC and the company has already ventured into Cloud and mobility. In future, Crossdomain Solutions would enter into the space of Social Media and Analytics too. “We aim to improve engagement and enhance the overall user experience of HR personnel and employees, so that more enterprises benefit by PeopleWorks,” concludes the COO.“Our product empowers HR personnel to manage data of every employee from Hire to Retire,” adds Kelkar. Another advantage of PeopleWorks is that it helps in reducing employees’ dependency on HR personnel for tasks like Leave Management, Recruitment, Query, Basic Detail updates etc.