HR-One - Unifying HR Processes through Exemplary HRMS

CIO Vendor The Human Resource industry is extremely dynamic and evolving. With every new generation of employees coming in, the HR practices need to change and adapt to meet the new requirements. According to Deloitte, global organizations today navigate a “new world of work”—one that requires a dramatic change in the way we manage leadership, talent, and human resources. In this fast paced industry, organizations need tools and technology that is scalable, mobile and user friendly.

This need has led to the rise of technology solutions that enable the modern day HR teams to streamline and centralize their operations. HR-One is one such cutting edge HRMS system that is at the forefront of redefining traditional HR management.

HR-One is the flagship product of Delhi based Uneecops technologies. A couple of years ago, while heading ERP sales at Uneecops, Karan and Ketan Jain received repeated queries from customers about automating their HR and payroll processes. This need led to the development of HR-One. What started as an offshoot payroll software for standard ERPs, is now a robust cloud based HRMS system with 14+ modules that cater to all types of HR needs. HR-One app is also available on Android and iOs and gives quick access to all modules on mobile.

In a short span of time, HR-One has more than 1 lakh users and is being used by some of the top notch companies in India. As a typical start up product, HR-One believes in giving its users’ freedom.HR-One is being used by both large and growing organizations with
employees ranging from 50-10,000 across multiple industry segments.Freedom to employees in terms of checking and managing basic queries like leaves, attendance, tax etc. right from their mobile phones! And, freedom to HR managers from the tedious document management through automated HR cycle.Being web-based, secure, easy to configure and user friendly, HR-One is easily deployable, customizable, and can be easily integrated with other existing systems within the organization or the extended enterprise software. It covers complete Employee Life Cycle from Recruitment to Separation functions on a secure, easy-to-navigate and best-in-class HR portal. Customers can deploy HR-One as a standalone solution or integrated with any ERP for unified visibility into operational performance.

HR-One has more than 1 lakh users and is being used by some of the top notch companies in India

HR-One's Performance Management Module can help businesses organize the vast employee performance data into ready-to-use, customizable reports that can aid crucial HR decisions. The solution offers them a holistic view of their team performance and also helps them analyze relative performance of their employees. It incorporates various kinds of appraisals, review, goal setting and tracking, development and career planning and feedback to help arrive at a comprehensive picture of performance, all of which ultimately enhance employee productivity.

HR-One offers different product levels to ensure that all clients have the product that meets their needs. The completely web-accessible tool is highly configurable, paperless, and process-oriented.