G-Cube: Offering Customized, User Friendly and Highly Scalable e-learning solutions

CIO Vendor Whether trainees are in a classroom or scattered in different time zones, they can still access the same course materials, thanks to e-learning solutions. Major trends that are influencing the e-learning industry are Social Learning, Advanced Analytics, Cloud-based Solutions and Adaptive Learning methods.

However, the current Learning Management Systems and e-learning solutions still lack the modern designs and so specific requirement of the users are not fulfilled. Owing to various loopholes, there is a need for such an LMS and e-learning solution which is simple, customizable and easy to navigate.

Noida headquartered G-Cube has developed an LMS product known as WiZDOM. It encompasses three variants - ‘WiZDOM Enterprise’, WiZDOM Training and WiZDOM Cloud. G-Cube’s approach while providing a WiZDOM solution is focused on client’s requirement and demand. “On basis of the organizational information, our team suggests relevant configuration. In a nutshell we consult our client and provide a relevant WiZDOM product which fits their needs,” says Manish Gupta, CEO at G -Cube.

One of G-Cube’s Learning Management Solutions -‘WiZDOM Enterprise’ has unique features like Responsive Design, User Friendly Navigation, Touch Friendly Screen, and Native Apps for Mobiles to help learners easily access the learning content. “WiZDOM Enterprise has been designed especially for a large enterprise in order to help them meet all their training, learning and development needs,” adds the CEO. To implement an enterprise-wide learning management system which is influenced by pay per use model, G-Cube offers WiZDOM Cloud.

“Our solution ‘WiZDOM Cloud’ provides clients the option of choosing from a varied array of ready-to-use e-courses, mentors as well as administrators to run the learning initiative,” adds Manish. He further briefs that WiZDOM Cloud is highly scalable and equipped to handle increasing users without time lags.As the user base increases, enterprises need a solution which is flexible to train external audience also. G-Cube’s WiZDOM Training is made available which is specifically designed for organizations that train and educate external audience.

G-Cube’s customizable e-learning solutions help companies identify their e-learning needs

Apart from three WiZDOM variants, G-Cube’s customizable e-learning solutions help companies identify their e-learning needs, create strategy, solutions and storyboards, and develop content with the help of subject-matter experts. The company’s plethora of e-learning service constitutes documents conversation i.e Rapid Authoring, Instructor led training, Mobile Learning, E-Learning Localization, Game based Learning in addition to conduction of e-learning workshops and consultancy services to SMEs. “Our custom e-learning solutions and consultancy are not only engaging and interactive but also visually appealing. They help employees absorb more knowledge and recall what they have learned with ease,” explains Manish.

After establishing strong roots in digital learning solutions, Manish reveals that G-Cube has also introduced Interactive Voice Response based learning solutions. G-Cube’s future roadmap encompasses introducing Performance Support and Adaptive Learning Solutions apart from customized Mobile Learning Apps for every organization. “A lot of organizations that viewed e-learning as a luxury are now realizing its potential and owing to more demand we are confident to fulfill the ambitions of approaching clients,” signs off the CEO.