Eilisys Technologies: Following an Agile Approach towards HCM Solution

CIO Vendor Human capital is an organization’s biggest asset. It has become an organization’s need of the hour to effectively manage the human capital. While an HCM (Human Capital Management) solution can streamline the organizational processes, implementation of HCM solution to meet the requirements of organization’s processes is quite a challenging task. Pune headquartered Eilisys Technologies offers HCM solution, under the brand “ASCENT”, with satisfaction guarantee. Its unique pricing policy offers clients to pay only after they experience product’s suitability and proves productive in most respects. Backed by well-trained customer experience management team, company’s development professionals have clear and promising roadmap for product development and ease of implementation processes. In-house functional consultants, keeping themselves updated with trends and developments in Human Capital Management guide the development team.

Like any other HCM solution, it started as payroll software with its flagship product ‘ASCENT PAYROLL’ and gradually evolved into a complete HCM solution. ASCENT Payroll is in the market since 2001 but only during mid-2011, Eilisys entered into HCM market by introducing ASCENT Leave and Attendance management software. Within a short period of time, ASCENT became the preferred choice of many large enterprises. The success of ASCENTis because of its strong design basis and unflinching focus on core business.
“We are in constant pursuit of new, better and different ideas that will add value to the customers”, says Atul Alurkar, CEO, Eilisys Technologies.Currently ASCENT has many modules such as Payroll, Leave &Attendance, Employee Self Service, Expense, Visitor management etc. in its portfolio backed by well-trained support team. ASCENT has found its place in almost all market segments and is being used for processing payroll for more than 2.5 lakh employees. Recently, Eilisys has launched smart and intuitive Kiosk-based employee self-service for shop floor employees. Customers recommend ASCENT because of its functionality, ease of use and excellent after sales support. “Customers do not expect a perfect solution. They expect a good solution that works and a quick resolution when it doesn’t,” says Atul.

Eilisys has launched smart and intuitive Kiosk-based employee self-service for shop floor employees

Owing to the various benefits of ASCENT, employees and HR managers are exempted from various monotonous tasks within an organization. The success of the product has encouraged Eilisys to keep helping organizations define and execute an effective HR strategy for future. “ASCENT HCM system will be uniquely positioned and will continue to assist enterprises in strengthening their strategic role in executing various business processes,” concludes the CEO.