Beehive Software Services - Offering Feature-rich HCM Platform

CIO Vendor The perception of HR industry is undergoing tremendous change these days. The availability of new techniques and competencies elevates the status of HR management in the industry. However, the challenging dimension is closely linked to talent management and leveraging HR capital. Perhaps, the crucial problem is how to retain talent according to organisational strategy. Beehive Software Services, with its core focus in HR Domain and powerful HCM platform, provides solutions with keen observations in those issues and helps prevent loss of talent in all aspects. The distinctive business strategy of Beehive is to implement technological modules wherever required for the astonishing business growth in the industry. With deep understanding of next generation HR operations, Beehive has become idiosyncratic in the market and enhances the transparency between the organization, HR policies and employees.

Beehive's HCM( Human Capital Management) platform offers a complete set of modules. It leverages current capabilities to implement solutions and offers option to choose the modules that they want. At initial stage, companies select the modules according to priority and keep adding modules as they grow as well as the deployment option. The HCM fulfills organizational goal of covering the entire life cycle of an employee which includes all those events from recruitment to retirement/ resignation.

Acting as “One stop shop for all HR needs", it covers all HR needs in day to day activities and enhances management in strategic decision making rather than risk of talent loss. The activities start at the time of hiring and continue with performance till the retirement or resignation.
With the past experience of implementation in several verticals, Beehive’s solution has new edge towards easier and faster implementation with completely configurable system functionality. Enterprises can get a feel of the solution by checking its demo.

Beehive's HCM( Human Capital Management) platform offers a complete set of modules

Beehive deploys its solutions in various modes like SaaS (pay as you use), On premise (Enterprise), Cloud Hosting of Enterprise and managed shared services. It also offers flexibility to choose different databases (Oracle, MySQL, and SQL) according to the need along with user friendly configuration engines. The HCM platform is equipped with next generation HR operations capabilities for managing all critical and crucial HR information which enables companies to face emerging challenges such as Grievance handling, control attrition percentage, knowing your actual performers, Analysis on employee performance versus its business economics for every individual within the organization with very intuitive and informative User Interface along with built in tool-tips and help feature makes the experience very user friendly.

As of now Beehive has successfully implemented its solutions in multiple business verticals including government and multiple geographies. The emergence of its Mobile App provides a new pace to businesses. The affordable packs in module options (Capex or Opex) and flexibility in investment allows companies with multiple ways to implement, including start ups as well. Adopting MVC technology with multi-database support with the flexible deployment options (SaaS, Enterprise, Private Cloud) enables users to use the application with lower bandwidth of internet. The company’s road map looks very promising for the coming year 2016 as Beehive plans to release some really interesting new modules into market.